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About Us

Community Concerts at Epworth is a neighborhood concert series whose mission is to bring high quality concerts of diverse styles and genres to the North Berkeley area in an accessible format for all. The concerts are free of charge so that all can have access to great music. We accept donations at the performances which will be used to bring our musicians to the larger community  where music is hard to come by, such as homeless shelters, prisons and inner city schools. The concerts are about one hour in length and accessible for all ages. 


Community Concerts is a service of Epworth United Methodist Church to the wider community.

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Message from Caroline Lee,
Artistic Director of Community Concerts at Epworth

There are many reasons why I love playing chamber music. One of them is the opportunity to get into a good argument! One might think, upon hearing a polished string quartet performance, that their musical union is like a perfect marriage. We marvel at how seemingly magically, they match their interpretations and playing styles to present a cohesive musical idea. Truth is, it’s often a messy process to fine tune an ensemble! There are many perspectives that need to be argued over and different interpretations to consider, given that musicians come from various training and backgrounds from all over the world. Ultimately, the musicians’ goal is to create great works of art, honor our musical tradition, and present meaningful and dynamic performances. To this end we come together, temporarily putting our egos at the door, and create together. 


In these times when the divisions that plague our world seem so dominant, I invite you, us, to pick up an instrument and make music together as an antidote. Or, if that’s not an option, at least eavesdrop on a quartet, or a duet, or even a solo, where our divergent ideas and backgrounds are gifts, not liabilities.


This season we present programs and music from four continents. We will hear French impressionist composer Debussy’s late sonata where he creates worlds of sound colors, the deeply spiritual and exhilarating Northern Indian Classical music, the quintessentially romantic and autumnal clarinet quintet by Brahms, rhythms and harmonies of Tango from Argentina, and much more. I hope these divergent sounds bring us closer in community, celebrating beauty and our differences together.

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